Best Time to Take Photos on Your Wedding Day

Groom at wedding with bride and father

Generally speaking there are two schools of thoughts to take photos on your wedding day:

  1. Before the Ceremony in a “wedding reveal photo” manner
  2. After the Ceremony when your guests are at a cocktail hour.

The Modern Approach

Generally speaking the traditional way has always been the latter of these two options, however the reveal photos have been gaining in popularity more and more over the years. Many young couples do a reveal photo session to having time to spend with their guests at a cocktail hour which in turn can be shorter if done before the ceremony.

The Traditional Approach

If doing a traditional ceremony and the bride will not be seen by the groom beforehand, I love to do this shot below at a wedding with a second shooter:

Wedding Photos

In it you see the emotion, the pure tears of joy as the groom sees his bride for the first time on the day of the wedding. It’s one of those little photography secret shots that lasts a lifetime.

Little Secrets to Seal the Deal

A second little secret, is that for evening weddings only, to schedule fifteen to twenty minutes away from the crowd to do a sunset photo shoot. This is especially beautiful when done in the fall or the summer, with the beautiful colors! Be sure to add these photo sessions to your timeline with your photographer.

I’ve got the experience you need to feel confident about your wedding photos. If you’re shopping around to book a photographer, please consider booking with us. As a Freelance Photographer, I believe in doing things the right way and that’s knowing what’s best for the client — you!

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