Headshots that don’t look like mugshots


We have all seen them on LinkedIn, the coworker that has a bad selfie, or even worse, the headshot that looks more like a mug shot. Consider this: the first thing that people see of you sets the impression for who you are, whether that is online dating, a potential employer, or just your office coworker. The last thing that you want is for them to see you in a bad light. A good headshot sets a great first impression.

Your Look

As a photographer, I believe in a strong, yet semi-casual look for a professional headshot. To start this means for most men a jacket without a tie, and most women semi-formal attire. I then shoot with a prime lens, which allows for a very sharp photo and a very high aperture which blurs the background. I love to shoot these in front of windows. For example here, it was shot on a cloudy day in an office setting using a Canon 85mm at F1.8 in front of a window. Window shots allow for great blurring (called Bokeh(link to speaking photographer blog)), a professional look, yet semi-formal in feel.

Your Pose

The second most important thing is the pose. In most cases many people look straight ahead and are behind a simple wall. This is the same look they give inmates in a mug shot. Instead, posing slightly to the side with the face down and with a smile gives a formal and powerful look that is sure to impress.

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