The Wedding of Bridget and Chris

For many couples it may be helpful to understand what  to expect for their wedding photos by going through an example of one of my weddings from start to finish. This is the wedding day and the behind the scenes look through the wedding photos for Bridget and Chris.

First a few details about their wedding. Bridget had contacted me back in early spring about doing their wedding photos. They had a little over 200 guests for their wedding on the 4th of July and wanted a second photographer for their big day. I worked with a fellow professional photographer and friend of mine, Natalie Bauer of Bauer Creative.

Using two photographers allowed us to shoot the wedding from multiple angles, and get multiple different coverages. For a 5:00 Wedding, the day started at noon for us. Beginning the day with the getting ready shots for the girls off site and for the guys at the wedding location of Green Acres.

First a few shots from the beginning of the day:

Following the getting ready shots, Bridget and Chris had a reveal at the park across the lake from Green Acres called the staring lake observatory. I love shooting at this location!

In this case there had been rain and even thunderstorms to start the day. We arrived just in time for the rain to stop! I always carry at least two large umbrellas when there is rain in the forecast! With a waterproof camera and lens combo, I have nothing to worry about.

I also love to recommend a first look as this takes place right after hair and makeup and clothes haven’t gotten wrinkled. They also can take place in a spot at the wedding location or any place near by. In this case where normally the bride appears out of nowhere, Bridget took off running, nearly catching us off guard!

For a first look it is also a great time to get photos of the entire wedding party! Here are a few shots I loved from the first look!

After the First Look we came back to Green Acres. At this point the Bride and groom were able to get some lunch in and then we did some family pics and detail shots along the location. During this time it is great to have fun with the posed shots. In this case the groomsmen had a football that we had a lot of fun shooting with. I would recommend these sorts of props for every fun young wedding!

After this time we have the wedding itself. In this case, Green Acres presented a unique challenge from a lighting perspective. The wedding ceremony had a backlit presenting a unique metering challenge to make sure that the bride and groom are not dark and in shadows. This is one of the reasons you should hire a professional photographer for your big day! In this case you can see the joy in the eyes of Bridget and Chris as they take their vows!

After the wedding there is always the large family pics, dinner, speeches and then the first dance photos, followed by the father daughter and mother son photos. I find these are some of the best photos and most memorable for the bride and groom at any wedding! I was lucky to have such a wonderful venue for such a fun pair!

After the first dances there exists a few moments where the light is absolutely perfect! This time is known as the golden hour. It gives wonderful color and beautiful saturation of the yellow tones. For the bride and groom this translates into some of the best photos of the event!

The last big photo event of the night is the dancing afterwards. These aren’t necessarily the photos you are going to be framing, but they are always fun ones of your guests. I like to go around the outside of the dance floor and find the perfect spot to capture the final great photos for your wedding!

Chris and Bridget had a wonderful sparkler send off to their night along with the City fireworks on the fourth of July. They even used these fireworks pictures in their wedding thank you cards!

Lastly, I would love to leave you all with this Testimonial from Bridget herself:


“Chris was fantastic. My wedding day was smooth, and I knew I didn’t have to worry about the pictures because Chris did such a wonderful job. He was really easy and fun to work with, and was quick to respond when we had a question. I was extremely grateful for the easy communication – it makes all of the other wedding stuff much easier when people respond quickly. On the wedding day, I wanted to make sure there was the least amount of stress as possible, and also wanted to get every picture in that I had imagined. Chris helped make that a reality. He made sure we got all of the pictures we wanted (and more!), and kept us on track in a fun, upbeat way. We hired him because of how personable he is at a very reasonable price. We are so happy with our choice, and would highly recommend OpusX Photography! You won’t regret it! “