The top 3 things for better senior photos


Dress Lightly.

When it comes to what you should wear, wearing light clothes always helps for a better senior photo session. For example light dresses, with light colors match a natural background while not overheating you. For guys, having a light polo and golf shorts gives a classic look. An often overlooked issue is that outside in hot summer heat you can start sweating which gives a sheen to your skin, and can leave markings on your clothing.

If it bends, bend it.

The simplest rule, is that when posing for your shots a natural look goes a long way. To look more natural, remember that your body naturally bends. Posing, like my model above, can drain your focus when you do it all afternoon trying to focus on a look. When you focus on something, say your facial expression, the rest of your body can go ridged giving a hollow and uninviting look.

Shoot during the Golden Hour

Shooting near the end of the night, in what is known as the Golden Hour, gives a wonderful glow to skin and a warm yellow hue that saturates the photo.

The best part of this, is that this applies to all portraits!

7 responses

7 Responses
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