About Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips head photographer of Opus X Photography

I was born and raised in Apple Valley, Minnesota and have been shooting photography Professionally since 2015 and Semi-Professionally for over ten years now. I was the kid that had a camera in his hands at all times on vacation and now I get to make money doing something I absolutely love. As a freelancer, I have the opportunity to work with people to truly give them a unique experience, and be able to provide exceptional value given my limited overhead.

Opus X was a name I chose that has two greatly important meanings to me. Directly translated from Latin, Opus means “work”, but not in the labour sense, but in an artistic and grand way. For example a composer’s greatest work is their “Magnum Opus” and a work of God, is “Opus Dei”. I treat my photography the same way. It is work of love and passion, and brings out the best of me. The X on the other hand marks both the mathematical concept of an unknown variable, and the value ten. In my dream of owning my own business some day I always wanted to own something I would love doing, but never knew what it would be, and for ten years I had been doing this photography gig, and so it became my dream. Hence Opus X Photography was born.

Opus X Photography is a business I started on the side and I will always embrace the freelance quality that I started this business with. During the daytime, I work as a Data Scientist, solving complex problems with computer programing, math and data. I believe both businesses enable me to be better with the other.


My Camera

I use the Canon 5D Mk III for my camera of choice. It is a professional workhorse, used from sideline photographers capturing an amazing dunk at the to high-end fine art portraits in galleries. It is an all around excellent camera, and as a full frame camera it allows me to capture breathtaking wide angle views as well as any action with great quality that your basic consumer grade DSLR doesn’t have. It takes great low light photos, has enough resolution to blow up to any size, and with twin card slots, I never have to worry about losing a photo. While the camera is only an extension of the artist, rest assured that I have a wonderful tool to use in my craft for you, my patron.



A good camera is only as good as the lenses that are mounted on it. I prefer good value third party lenses like Tamron and Sigma, some of which have been rated higher than their more expensive Canon counterparts!

For Portrait Sessions, and anything where I can be in control of the shot I like to use prime lenses. These are lenses are a fixed zoom, but allow for the sharpest pictures with the most creamy backgrounds and capture the most amount of light. While it is a tougher challenge, the results it produces are nearly unparalleled.

For Weddings, specifically the ceremony, I like to use lenses like my¬†70-200 Canon F2.8 L which captures images tact sharp from a distance, and gives the ultimate in versatility to adapt to anything so I can capture any picture I see without worrying about interfering with a guest’s view or missing a moment changing out a lens.

I also use rentals to cover any specialty lenses that I may need depending on type of photography session, which allows me to shoot professional grade photos at an affordable price for you.


Where I like to shoot

I prefer to take photos outdoors, specifically by water or tree’s/flowers and with natural light so I can put a high aperture setting on, giving a type of style to the photo that turns the background into a creamy color that melts into the background.

I also love to shoot in my studio where I have a signature style of a black background that renders skin tones perfectly with great color, and sharp as tack details.


Notes on Style

I am a goofball, I love to crack sarcastic jokes and make the mood as light as possible and have genuine smiles and laughter. I am not overbearing, nor do I call any attention to myself unless the situation requires the leadership to gather people together for a photo (I once had a wedding with 75 people in one shot, that takes a lot coordination to get right).

I also am a hard worker. I am always appreciative of the fact that you chose me to be your photographer, and I work hard to earn your patronage. I want to make sure that you feel like you have a great experience, that you love your photos, and that you get the most value for your money. I know that there are many photographers out there, and I am most grateful for your business.