About Opus X Photography

My name is Chris Phillips and I am the owner and operator for Opus X Photography. I have been a professional photographer since 2015 and I have loved the journey. I’m a hard worker and a Joker, so you’ll love the work and the end result I provide!

I started Opus X Photography as a passion project in 2015. I have always looked at this work as something I love doing and I have always strived to provide great value in what I deliver to you the client. I don’t believe in nickel and dime style add ons, I am not looking to earn my sole living doing this work, I am looking to provide you a wonderful value and timeless, beautiful photos.


I try for photos that are classically beautiful, contain vibrant coloring for that pop that people love, the right amount of shadow and contrast, and evoke and capture emotion. These include characteristics like a beautiful creamy background (Called Bokeh), oftentimes a small amount of vignette to bring the attention to what is in focus in a subtle and classic manner, and have the right amount of pop to make your photos stand out without looking fake.

When looking at photos, you realize their importance when they are all that you have left of an important day, a treasured moment, or a loved one that has passed on. I believe that you should be able to easily see the value that you get from my work, and with such you can see why to go with Opus X Photography over your cousin that bought a consumer DSLR at Best Buy last year.

Contact me today to learn more about my services and how to book me for your special day!